Student Projects


Wasatch CAPS students work hard on a variety of projects. Some examples of projects students have worked on include:

Business, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship.

  • Zion’s Bank – Students identifying customers and creating a marketing campaign for a new product lauch.
  • Utah Jazz – Students working on creating a marketing campaign to increase the number of Utah Jazz license plates throughout the state of Utah.
  • Heber Valley Bank Building – Students are working with Tom Stone to identify how commercial real estate is valued throughout the Heber Valley.
  • Miro Industries – Students launching new products (Ekon and Capstone) developed in the engineering strand and ready to take to market.
  • Gravity Coalition – Students helping a startup business with product selection, purchase orders, and marketing.

Medicine and Health.

  • Heber Valley Hospital – Students crafting a strategy to help the hospital raise $3 million in private funds to support future expansion
  • Rocky Mountain Health Care – Students creating concepts and plans for a cafe and spa within the facility.
  • Wasatch Health Department – Students creating a written plan to help educate and measure the treatment of diabetic patients
  • WhiteCAP Institute – Students looking for new, best practices for marketing various products.
  • The Fit Stop – Students creating an exercise and recovery plan for new patients.

Environment and Agriculture.

  • DNR and Utah Chucker Foundation – Students raising chuckers which then get released on a wildlife management unit.
  • Dr. Beals and DNR – Students identifying different injuries incured on specific mountain biking routes and coming up with a solution.
  • Wasatch Animal Clinic – Students researching best practices for vets different procedures and treatments.
  • Wolf Creek Ranches – Students researching various aspects of agricultural development
  • U.S. Forest Service – Students tracking animal migration patterns

Engineering & Industrial Design.

  • Miro Industries – Students engineering a trashcan wash system and hope to take it to market.
  • Heber Valley Rail Road – Students designing a cowboy street which will give patrons an enhanced experience.
  • Zeit Industries – Students designing a new line of trophies and plaques
  • Conductive Composites – Students researching best practices and technologies related to conductive manufacturing
  • HomeFront – Students designing and creating prototypes of a product to help in running low voltage wire.
  • Heber Valley Visitor Center -Students designing a 3-D map of the Heber Valley to be used in the Heber Valley Visitor Center.

Digital Design and Software Development.

  • Cowboy Poetry – Students creating a digital marketing plan and video for this nationally recognized event.
  • UPS – Students designing graphis for the local store.
  • Wright Orthodontics – Students creating an app to help with retainers. 
  • Mountain Valley Stone – Students creating a video production to be used in marketing material.
  • Ignition Graphix – Students designing a magazine and digital advertising plan for Heber Valley Life Magazine.
  • Park City Film Studios – Students are working on post-production video sets.



  • Uinta Life – A fly fishing guiding company which also offers apparel.
  • Yellow Tullip – A non-profit focused on saving lives through kidney transplants.
  • Zorb Utah – Business focused on zorbing in Utah
  • Loneliest Man on Earth – A company built on building mental health awareness
  • Party Plug – A party business for dances.